Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Plane Tickets are Booked (gulp)!

OK, now this is real. I just booked plane tickets and, together with Bob, settled on an actual ride start date of June 16th. We'll fly out to Portland Oregon and then head two hours West by rental car, to Astoria, Oregon, where we will formally launch this adventure. And then it will take a full two days to bike ride back to Portland! Sheesh.
Both of us will be keeping and updating blogs during the ride. Mine is right here; Bob's is at 
Some folks are already asking us why? I answer: why not? Seriously, this is about my third mid-life crisis at this point -- fortunately none so far have involved red sports cars or trophy wives. Biking cross-country seems like a pretty good outlet. And biking is something I've always loved to do. And I've slowly been creeping up on this project. Blogs from some earlier, less ambitious trips (at least in comparison), are at the links above.
In addition, although my primary goal is to complete the trip in one piece, my secondary goal is to try to raise some $$ for I Challenge Myself, a biking charity of which I'm the Board Chair. Since 2005, ICM  has been helping lower income high school students in the Bronx, Washington Heights and Harlem develop leadership and workplace skills, as well as confidence and self-esteem, through endurance cycling training and rides, including a Century Bike Ride at the end of Spring semester. You can find out more about ICM and, if you're so inclined, make a donation, at (or by clicking the "Donate to ICM" button above). Thanks in advance!

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