Monday, June 4, 2012

Training's Over! (sort of...)

Well, this morning I took the bike down to REI Soho for shipping out to the West Coast. REI will disassemble the bike, box it, and then ship it by FedEx Ground to their Clackamas, OR store (that's in Portland). The Clackamas store will then re-assemble and tune the bike and just generally get it ready for my pickup (presumably on June 15th).

Training has been hard. Since I picked up the new bike in mid-April, I have logged over 1,000 miles, much of it carrying weight. A lot of trips across the GW Bridge, up the River Road, to Nyack, or north on the Westchester Country bike trail to Croton. But I've only done about 3 rides or so with what I expect will be my full weight. In truth, it's so hard that it's a bit discouraging. So the theory is that I'll ride myself into better weight-carrying shape during the first few weeks of the actual ride. That, or ship a lot of stuff home!

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