Friday, June 15, 2012


Just landed in Portland, OR and checked into our hotel. I say "our" because my entire family (Laura, Ben and Stephen) has made the trip west with me to wish bon voyage. We'll spend tomorrow together hanging out and exploring both Portland and Astoria (OK, Bob and I will also do a short loosening up ride!), and then have a big farewell dinner with Bob and his wife, Rachael.

Laura and the boys will then stay in the area for a few days, and do a little white water rafting on the Salmon River, before heading home, while Bob and I set out from Astoria on Saturday morning.

The title of Bob's blog post entry ( from yesterday captures my feelings precisely: Trepidatious Exhilaration. I'm excited, but definitely also nervous about my ability to ride this far, for so long, with so much weight. To be continued, I guess...


  1. Becker4:22 PM

    sounds fantastic! good luck. happy trails (or roads?). really look forward to following along. all best!

  2. Hiliary Remick4:23 PM

    May the shorts be with you.