Saturday, June 9, 2012

The "Respect" Continuum

My brother, Greg, very kindly composed and sent me the following guidance for whether and when I can consider this trip a success:

Handy pocket reference "respect" continuum:
  • Complete trip, Pacific Ocean to NYC: You are a God among men.
  • Make it all the way to Chicago: Total respect. You did all the really tough and beautiful stuff and now avoid Cleveland and New Jersey. Probably a smart move.
  • Make it to Bismarck, North Dakota: You still Da Man. A monumental trip.
  • Make it to Bozeman, Montana: Not too shabby. Would have been nice if the mileage had made it into quadruple figures, but still . . .
  • Don't quite make it out of Oregon: Nice try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Fall backwards during ceremonial wetting of the back wheel in the Pacific, get stung on the ass by a 6-foot diameter Lion's Mane jellyfish, rendering bicycling an exercise in excruciating pain, requiring antivenin shots at the Portland Shriners Hospital, administered by a not-cute 300-pound nurse, terminating a trip in which you don't actually make it past the beach on bicycle.
Thanks, Greg. I think.


  1. I will be ticking off these "milestones" as they occur! Great luck and fair breezes, my dear bro.

  2. Hey, Rog---I'm already up to day 2, but was too computer-stupid to figure out how to respond to you (without joining something) until Roberto showed me. So far, love your blog--feel like I'm on the trip with you (but without the hard work!) In answer to your 'wise-ass' bro, you can say, looking at the first days map, that you have almost made it to Pittsburg (just don't mention that it's nowhere on the east coast) Keep it going! love, Kat